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How To Order

1. Click 'Buy' on the product you want then see the shopping cart above for 'Checkout' .
3. Make the payment as soon as possible, the transaction will be canceled if the transfer has not been made within 24 hours.
4. The goods are dispatched within a maximum period between 48 hours and 4 weeks after receipt of payment, depending on the type of order. Receipt is notified by e-mail.


1. Buyers can immediately pick up the goods at the nearest port.

2. Currently we only offer money transfer payment methods via Bank or Credit Card or Wester Union. Please include your name / username and order number in the description of the transfer.

3. After completing the transfer, immediately take a photo of the proof of transfer and email it to: or WA +14507002437 (faster verification).

4. Customer service will re-confirm your order if the payment transfer is not completed within 24-48 hours.

5. Shipping guarantee, if the condition of the sent product is damaged or not according to the order, you can return it within 7 days after receipt of the item.

6. Return of goods is only valid if the entire box and receipt is still complete and the quality is well maintained.