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  • Weight: 250.00kg
  • Dimensions: 1.43m x 0.72m x 0.51m
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        Our geodesic tents are designed to be suitable for all four seasons with extreme temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to +70 ° C. This kind of tent has a solid structure that allows its application in various activities: Outdoor restaurant, greenhouse, hotel complex, camping, hotel, party, outdoor event, reception hall, shop, etc ...

     The frame is made from a hot-dip galvanized tube with anti-corrosion / anti-rust treatment, The high-strength steel tube with hot varnish, with high flexibility, and without risk of cracking. The covering is a membrane is made of polyester fabric coated with white PVC of 850 g / m² blackout fabric, SGS certified. Waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, prevent mildew, water self-cleaning, odorless, environmentally friendly. More than 15 years of service life. 5 year warranty

     Our models are a type of connector, to offer you a more beautiful finish and this allows a canvas laying without folds, well stretched and easier to repair in the event of an incident. Indeed, we can change just the damaged piece rather than replacing the entire canvas.

     With our geodesic tent which offers unique and beautiful shape and versatile membrane fabric design make this product the first choice for high end users who admire high quality. 




- Choice of space size, ranging from 20 m² / 215 ft² to 113 m² / 1216 ft². or customized. - Possibility of creating divisions. - The strength performance is quite good, and the safety factor is extremely high - A beautiful appearance and a rich change - The strongest space, the lightest weight and the most efficient design - Our geodesic dome tents are used in large exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor events, residential homes, greenhouses and outdoor camps. - Its advanced structural design makes construction faster and more efficient, and it is easy to become an independent semi-permanent building. - Installation: The dome tent is easy and quick to assemble and take down. It took us 2 hours to build a 5m diameter one.

Visit the "Specification" tab for information on more specific features on this product.

Packing and Shipping

    - Air bubble film packing / Carton box (aluminum frame) - PVC bag (PVC) - Flight Case - Transport of carriers (glass wall) - Cable ties (ABS hard wall)

        We will use the best packaging for the safety of the materials of the order, there is a possibility of tracking your order.


      We deliver all over the world. delivery is made to one of the ports in your country. For door-to-door or to your address or to a location close to your address, requires a personalized quote. Please customize your dome and we will be happy to provide you with the cost of delivery to your address or a location nearest to your address, a quote will be sent to you within the next 12 business hours.

      Application Outdoor restaurant, greenhouse, resort, camping, hotel, party, small event
      Dome structure frame 1.02" (26mm) diameter, 5/64“ (2mm) thick hot dip galvanized pipe and anti-corrosion / anti-rust treated.
      Dome tube size 26*2.0mm High-strength Steel Tube with Stoving Varnish. Feature: Strong flexibility, No crack.
      Dome cover membrane SGS certificated 850gsm Blackout fabric white PVC coated polyester fabric Waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant,Prevent mildew, water self-cleaning, odorless, eco friendly More than 15 years span life Warranty 5 years
      % of the white PVC cover 70 %
      % of the clear PVC cover 30 %
      Ground Fixed Type Expansion screw
      Door & materials Aluminium
      Size & Weight
      Diameter 5m = 16ft
      Floor area 20m² = 215ft²
      Ceiling center height 3m = 9ft
      Approximate dome weight 250 kg
      Case package 1.43 * 0.72 * 0.51 m
      No. of struts 15
      Frequency 3
      Snow load 120km / h
      Wind load 75 kg / square meter
      Assembly time 2 to 4 hours
      Number of people 3
      Certificates SGS, ISO9001

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